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198 West 21th Street, Suite 721
New York, NY 10010
+88 (0) 101 0000 000

Our Story


I’m Rafayel, the founder of Walldram Versatile Wallet.

The idea came from huge enthusiasm to create a multi-purpose wallet to cover everyone’s needs.

As I remember me, I was always looking for the most comfortable wallet, as many of you. I changed my wallets so often and owned about 217 different wallets in the last 4 years. If we will dive into calculations it will equal about 4.5 wallets in a month. You would say – Hey man, are you crazy? But it’s the fact! No no no, I mean I’m not crazy hahaha, I just bought that much.

I owned most wallets in the market.

There is always something missing or too much. As tastes differ, I thought, what if the wallet owner would decide the wallet functionality according to his needs.
So the idea to make a versatile wallet was born. We have got so far and made Walldram wallet such modular to be able to use the accessories separately as a Bifold wallet, an ID case, a Coin pocket wallet, a Card case or combine these accessories according to your needs. Buyers also have the option to order the accessories in different colors and merge them together.

Yes, we do have the next feature! The wallet is personalized. Buyers are able to personalize it with their name or make the wallet a unique special gift with a free engraving.

But we didn’t stop there. Remember what we also do with the wallet case? We also throw it in the recycle bin, or are putting it useless in a drawer. So we have made a transformer gift case which easily turns into an eyewear case.

Much thought, effort and proper design was put in the creation of Walldram Versatile Wallet, inspired by the lovely modular design and functionality, based on the reviews from the friends, many other people and just using it for a couple of months me and my team want to bring this project to life and introduce it to whole world and make them inspired too.

And now I’m glad to introduce you a brand new Versatile Wallet.

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